What is prostate masturbation ?

What is prostate masturbation ?

In prostate masturbation, male stimulate the prostate gland for sexual stimulation. The prostate is situated between the bladder and the penis. It is just in front of the rectum. The male use different types of anal sex toys or use their own finger to stimulate the prostate.

While doing the prostate massage , it is important for men to apply the anal lubricant. Anal lubricant is different from another lubricant. Before starting the prostate masturbation, men should wash the anal properly with water or soap and loose the anal. After washing the anal, men should check the position of prostate. To check the position, insert your finger into the anal. For prostate masturbation, men should use their finger or anal sex toys or prostate vibes devices.

Some of the anal toys are available with vibration pattern. Men can use the vibrating anal sex toys to stimulate the prostate. It provide the pleasure feeling. Some of the people also use condom while doing the prostate masturbation. They wear the condom on their finger or use the condom with the anal toys, so that it become easier for them to clean the anal toys after the masturbation. Some of the anal toys are specially design for prostate masturbation. If possible men should prefer that toy only for wet orgasm or dry orgasm.

What is the location of genital "prostate" that is the only man ?

What is the location of genital prostate that is the only man ?

Prostate is very small in size. Its size is just like a walnut. Prostate are only available in male. Prostate is located between the bladder and the penis, in front of the rectum. Prostate protects and nourishes the sperm. Prostate masturbation provides more stronger and powerful orgasm rather than any other masturbation. Remember do not masturbate if you have prostatic hypertrophy or prostate cancer

Men can do the prostate masturbation or anal masturbation in two ways externally and internally. Men can do the prostate masturbation by using the different positions. For some medical purpose also, prostate masturbation is done. There are many benefits if men do the prostate masturbation. Prostate masturbation helps to eliminate the painful ejaculation during sexual activity. It also help to treat erectile dysfunction (ED). Prostate masturbation is the primary treatment for prostatitis.

While doing the First anal prostate masturbation people should take some precaution also. They should insert their finger or anal toys slowly and smoothly, so that it does not hurt them. While doing the masturbation with hand, men should cut their nails properly. Prostate is the one of the genital part.